The Kindergarten has the desired infrastructure and resources to impart quality education to the children. Some of the salient features are:-


  • A well qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty.
  • Spacious and well ventilated classrooms tastefully done up in pastel shades with pinup boards to provide the right ambience for a kindergarten.
  • Specially designed furniture to provide the desired comfort and safety to the children.
  • 3H Learning process where the Head, Heart and Hands are integrated in the teaching process.
  • Audio –Visual room with adequate number of CD’s on all subjects including imported software.
  • PC’s to provide elementary exposure on Computers to the Children.
  • A vast array of models, charts, creative toys and play things.
  • A mini library where parents can borrow books for their children.
  • A mini park with equipments like swing, slippery slide and so on.
  • Bird’s and fishes displayed in cages and aquariums.
  • Students are also taken to the Park and School Sports complex for nature walk and games.





The School has the desired infrastructure and resources to impart quality education and to develop the intellectual and physical skills of the students. Some of the salient features are:-


  • A well qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty.
  • Well ventilated classrooms with all the facilities and teaching aids required to impart quality education.
  • Well equipped Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths and Computer Lab.
  • A vast array of Charts and Models for ease of explaining and understanding.
  • Adequate number of CD’s / DVD’s including imported software on all subjects.
  • A well stocked School Library with over 9000 books which are easily accessable to the students. The School also subscribes 29 Magazines and Journals.
  • Smart classes with video Projection Systems and flat screen TV’s in all labs and Audio Visual Rooms which are also linked on internet.
  • Mini Planetarium and telescope to educate students on the Solar System & Constellations.
  • A Weather Station which has instruments like Wind Vane, Anemometer, Thermometers, Stevenson’s Screen, Barometer and a Rain Gauge. The daily Weather Report is recorded and displayed on the Notice Board by students.
  • A Nursery with all types of Plants like Creepers, Climbers, Shrubs, Herbs, Flowering, Ornamental and Bonsai. This gives the students practical exposure to plants.
  • As part of the Computer Syllabus, typing classes have been introduced.
  • Field Trips / Tours to various organisations are periodically conducted.
  • Guest lectures by eminent speakers on subjects of interest to students.
  • Counselling by professionals for students of higher classes to check their aptitude.
  • In order to kindle the innovative and creative thoughts of the students, a magazine known as “REFLECTIONS” is published periodically, which is entirely managed and edited by the students.
  • Indoor Recreation Room with Table Tennis, Chess, Carrom, Scrabble and other Games is also provided.
  • The School has a Sports Complex which has a Cricket / Football ground, Cricket practice pitches, Basket ball, Volley ball, Throw ball, Tennikoit courts, Kho-Kho and a Children’s Park. A covered pavilion to accommodate 600 students with facilities like changing rooms and toilets for both boys and girls are also provided at the Sports Complex.
  • A Tuck Shop for students, providing stationery and light refreshments / confectionary is also available.
  • The School provides Bus Facilities.