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Pupil for admission must be introduced by the parent/guardian who shall sign the Admission form declaring their willingness to abide by the rules of the School. To join in class I, a child should satisfy the age rule of 5+ years.

Fees Payment

Fees for twelve months must be paid in three installments as per rules. Fees should be paid on time or else the defaulters will not be permitted into the class. Non payment of fees for the term will result in the pupil's name being struck off the rolls. Fees will be paid by Cheque / Cash at BOB, Ambattur branch or through Credit / Debit Card at school office. BOB Cheques of Ambattur branch or any BOB branch in Chennai will also be accepted by the BOB, Ambattur branch. The challans for the same will be issued by the school office for the complete academic year. Parents desirous of paying the School fee in one installment may do so by depositing all the three challans along with the fee in the Bank or through Credit / Debit Card at School Office.


Parents are responsible for their child’s regularity and punctuality in attending School.

Examinations & Tests & Medical Inspection


From Academic Year 2012 - 13, as per State Government policy, the process of Continuous and Comprehensive evaluation (CCE) has been introduced from class I to VIII and will progressly extend to higher classes in the ensuing Academic Years.

General Instructions, Notes to Students & Notes to Parents / Guardian

Parents/Guardian are requested to regularly peruse the Hand Book and Home Assignment Book. Remarks of the Teacher in the Hand Book and Home Assignment book be regularly perused and signed by the parent. Your co-operation is very essential for the performance of the pupil.