The School firmly believes in the dictum that    'A Healthy Body is a Healthy Mind’. To achieve this objective, ECA is properly structured and conducted to the extent desired for the young ones. Some of the salient activities are:- 

  • Besides PT, children are taught skipping and Hulla hoop, which helps in toning their body.
  • Various games and exercises for agility and hand eye coordination are regularly conducted.
  • Parents can opt for anyone of the following Hobby Coaching Classes (HCC) conducted on Saturdays:-




  • Drawing & Craft
  • Hindi Class
  • Roller Skating 
  • Western Dance
  • Yoga


UKG only


  • Classical Dance
  • Carnatic Music 
  • Karate



  • Class academic are also held for the children of LKG & UKG in Drawing, Recitation, Storytelling, Handwriting.
  • Inter House Competition on 10 events are conducted.
  • Besides this, Dramatics, Music, Arts & Crafts forms a part of the normal School curriculum.
  • Children are taken frequently on nature walks in the park and to the School camping / playground.
  • The School also organises excursions and visits to places of interest to children.
  • A cultural show by the tiny tots on Prize Day is an Annual feature.







The School firmly believes in the dictum that ‘A Healthy Body is a Healthy Mind’. To achieve this objective the ECA / CCA and games are properly structured and conducted throughout the Academic year with all the seriousness it deserves. Some of the salient activities are:- 

  • The School is divided into four houses and Inter House Competitions for 25 events, for all age groups and genders are conducted.
  • Class Academic Competitions on Handwriting, Essay Writing, Drawing, Elocution and Recitation are conducted in English, Tamil and French, as applicable.
  • The students of the School actively participate in the various Inter School Competitions organized by various agencies and many have excelled in most of them.
  • The students are also selected and formed into Hobby clubs and participate in 12 Extra Curricular Activities which assist the students in harnessing their skills and honing on to their talents.
  • To ensure that the desired emphasis is given to hobbies, every Saturday is observed as an Hobby Coaching Classes (HCC) Day where the students can choose and participate in any one of the 27 Hobby Coaching Classes. Well qualified instructors / trainers specially trained  in these disciplines conduct the classes for the students under the supervision of our School teachers.
  • Besides this, the students are encouraged to take part in sports and games and the School teams take part in various Inter School and other tournaments.
  • In case of primary and middle School both skipping and Hulla Hoops are compulsory.
  • Scouts and Guides is compulsory for students from classes VI to VIII. Qualified teachers conduct the classes during non-working hours and students are also taken on Scouts & Guides Camps. The Camp is marked by a host of activities encompassing tent pitching, living off the land, map reading, air gun firing, cooking, field signals, knots, first aid and finally culminating in a camp fire. The Camp gives the students an actual insight into camp life and the vagaries and opportunities that such a situation affords.
  • The School has a full fledged Band where children are trained by professionals.
  • A School Orchestra has been recently started to further enhance the avenues available for students to persue music.
  • The School also organises Excursions, Education Tours, Field Trips and ECO Tours for the students.
  • Students of higher classes are trained by the Traffic Police on road safety and traffic rules and they periodically perform duties of Road Safety Patrols.
  • Regular demonstrations are held on Road Safety, Disaster Management, Waste Management, Environmental Values, Health and Hygiene, First Aid, Food Adulteration and on various other disciplines concerning students.
  • Exhibitions on Science, Maths, Computer Science, History, Geography and Languages are conducted during the year.
  • The week following the Children’s Day is observed as Library Week where various competitions in English are held. A similar week is also observed with competitions in Tamil to coincide with the Bharathiyar Day.
  • NOTE: The details of Academic competitions, Interhouse competitions, Indoor and Outdoor games, Hobby clubs and Hobby Coaching Classes is shown under the main menu bar 'Competitions / Clubs'