General Instructions, Notes to Students & Notes to Parents / Guardian

Parents/Guardian are requested to regularly peruse the Hand Book and Home Assignment Book. Remarks of the Teacher in the Hand Book and Home Assignment book be regularly perused and signed by the parent. Your co-operation is very essential for the performance of the pupil.

  • Pupil must be present at School five minutes before the first bell. The gate will be closed after the first bell.
  • If you observe that your child is unable to follow the lessons, the Principal / HM should be consulted. Private tutions are discouraged. In case your child needs coaching, remedial classes will be conducted by the School out of School hours by subject teachers concerned.
  • Attendance is compulsory at all School functions.
  • The School provides a host of Extra-curricular and Co-curricular Activities to the Students. We would request the parents to encourage their children to avail of these facilities in the best interest of the child.
  • No student will be allowed to appear for any terminal examination unless all School dues have been cleared before the respective examination.
  • Without the written request from the parents / guardian and permission from the Principal / HM, pupil will not be allowed to leave the School during the School hours.
  • It is compulsory for the parents to attend the OPEN DAY to assess their child’s progress and performance.
  • The School attaches a high degree of importance to discipline so that the children imbibe the right habits and moral values. The School does not tolerate any kind of indiscipline and would from time to time apprise the parents in case of any breach. Parents are requested to co-operate in the best interest of the Child so that they are properly moulded.
  • The School Book Depot will supply books to all classes. For convenience and uniformity books are made available by the School Book Depot on payment of the prescribed amount.
  • The School is very particular about the standard of uniform and the observance of hygiene. The School therefore requests the parents to ensure that their children are provided with adequate pairs of uniform and the same are properly washed and ironed. Shoes should be properly polished and socks should have adequate elastic to hold up. Students must wear the School badge, belt and Identity card to School. Parents must also pay great attention to the hair, nails and other aspects which health and hygiene demand. The School will report any violations to this aspect to the parents and parents are requested to co-operate and take remedial measures.
  • Pupil leaving the School during the year will have to pay the full fees of that term.
  • If a Transfer Certificate is required, an application should reach the School office one week in advance. Applications for Transfer Certificate at the end of the academic year must be received by 07th of February. In case of late request the first term fees for the next academic year will be collected.
  • A record of address and telephone & Mobile Phone numbers of parents / guardian is maintained in the School office. Any change in the address should be communicated to the School office immediately. The School has a system of sending SMS messages to parents in case of an urgent / emergency situation. It is therefore all the more important that the mobile phone numbers are properly recorded. In case of inclement weather conditions, please listen to the TV / Radio news for Government orders on declaring a holiday.
  • The School educates the children on threat of Kidnapping and the Do’s / Dont’s. A letter is also sent to the parents in this regard. Parents are requested to regularly educate their children in this regard.
  • Parents / Guardian should not visit the classroom or meet the teachers during the class hours. Those who seek information or wish to interact should contact the teachers or the Principal / H.M on Saturdays (except second Saturday) between 12.45 p.m. and 1.45 p.m. Opinions and suggestions are welcome and will be looked into and replied.
  • In case of an emergency the parents may approach the Principal/Headmaster during the School working hours.

    • The Hand Book is a link between the parents and the school.
    • This must be brought to school daily by the pupil. All remarks must be shown to your parents and signed by them.
    • Read the Hand Book carefully and make a note of the important things in it.
    • Dress neatly and wear clean clothes.
    • Wish every teacher.
    • Maintain silence in absence of the teacher.
    • Wish the teacher when he/she enters or leaves the classroom.
    • Keep your class room and School neat and clean. Make use of the waste paper basket or dustbin.
    • Do not interrupt when teachers are conversing.
    • Talk softly in classrooms and corridors.
    • Be polite while speaking to teachers. Use “Please” while requesting and “Thank you” while receiving.
    • Answering in chorus will not be encouraged.
    • It is compulsory to speak in English within the School campus.
    • Use of bad language, unruly behaviour and bad manners are strictly forbidden.
    • Aim at full attendance and unfailing punctuality.
    • Never waste time. Time is precious. Use it well.
    • Take part in games and extra-curricular activities. It will keep your mind refreshed.
    • Work hard and do your best in studies and sports.
    • Your parents, your teachers and the Nation are expecting a lot from you.
    • Pupil are themselves responsible for their own books, pencils, tiffin carriers or any other article they may bring to School.
    • It is forbidden to write or scribble on the walls, throw paper or ink about the classroom or damage the School property. Damage done must be paid and made good.
    • No jewellery or flowers are to be worn on School Uniform.

    The School requests the kind co-operation of the Parents / Guardian so as to ensure that qualitative education and discipline is instilled in the child. Towards this objective it is important that both the School and the Parents / Guardian have to work in close co-operation.

    We would therefore request the Parents / Guardian to adhere to the following :

    • The child is regular and punctual to School.
    • The child is neatly and smartly dressed.
    • The health and hygiene of the child is taken care of.
    • The child is encouraged to take part in Extra and Co-curricular Activities in the School.
    • The school organises 26 Hobby Coaching Classes (HCC) on Saturdays. We request the
      parents to encourage their children to take part in these hobbies as it goes a long way in the
      overall development of the child.
    • Read the Hand Book carefully and make a note of the important things in it .
    • It is compulsory for the children to speak in English within the School campus.
    • See that your children aim at full attendance and punctuality.
    • Irregular attendance, neglect of home assignment, disobedience and disrespect towards
      elders and members of the staff or bad moral influence, justify disciplinary action.
    • The School Hand Book to be perused daily and signed when required with special reference to :-
      • Late Attendance Record.
      • Leave Record.
      • Inter School Competition.
      • Teacher’s Note to Parents.
      • Exam/ Test time Table and Portions for the same
      • We would request the Parents to see that the students keep their Text / Note books neatly and
        carry only those books required as per time table.
      • The Home Assignment Book be perused daily to monitor the Home Assignments given.
      • Parents are requested to see that the students do their Home Work regularly.
      • Parents can meet the Class/Subject teachers on every Saturday between 12.45 p.m. and 1.45
      • Parents are requested to complete the Identity Certificate and return the same to the School within
        one week of the School re-opening.
      • The Health Record will be forwarded to you immediately on re-opening of School. Kindly
        complete the relevant column of the Health Record and return the same to the School within a
        week. Please monitor the weight of your child.
      • Pupil are responsible for their own books, pencils, tiffin carriers or any other article they may
        bring to School.
      • It is forbidden to write or scribble on the walls, throw paper or ink about the classroom, or damage
        the School property. Damage done must be paid and made good.
      • Wearing of jewellery and flowers on School uniform is not permitted.
      • Please pay the School fees on time.